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For Young Adults, Cigarettes More Pleasurable with Alcohol than with Pot (April, 2017) - US News, San Jose Mercury News, WebMD, Live Science, Science Daily, Inverse Science, Daily Democrat
CBC News - Interview with Dr. Johannes Thrul (Jan, 2017)
US News - Most Teen Smokers Also Turn to Alcohol, Drugs, Study Finds​ (Dec, 2016)

CNN News Article - Too much to drink? Apps, devices could help​ (Aug, 2015)
ABC News Article - Can Social Media Get More Pot Users to Admit They’re Lighting Up? (April, 2012)​


Dr. Ramo speaking on her research

Dr. Ramo's Talk on Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Cannabis:  Health Implications of “Vaping” and “Dabbing”



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