About the Lab


The Research on Addictions and Digital Intervention (Readi) Lab, led by Dr. Danielle Ramo, works at the intersection of substance use and digital health. Historically Dr. Ramo's work has focused on teens and young adults, aiming to understand how multiple substances are commonly co-used, and how best to put treatments into a developmental context. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration, our work is focused on using technology to aid in behavior change, and to tailor interventions to those with health disparities including the sexual and gender minority population. 

Recent Papers


1. Ramo DE, Thrul J, Chavez K, Delucchi KL, Prochaska JJ, et al. (2015). Feasibility and Quit Rates of the Tobacco Status Project: A Facebook Smoking Cessation Intervention for Young Adults. J Med Internet Res. 2015; 17(12):e291. PMID: 26721211.


2. Ramo, D.E., Popova, L., Grana, R., Zhao, S., Chavez, K. (2015) Cannabis mobile apps: A content analysis. JMIR mHealth uHealth, 3(3): e81. doi:10.2196/mhealth.4405. PMID: 26268634


3. Ramo, D.E., Thrul, J., Delucchi, K.L., Ling, P.M., Hall, S.M., & Prochaska, J.J. (2015) The Tobacco Status Project (TSP): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of a Facebook smoking cessation intervention for young adults. BMC Public Health, 15: 897. PMC4572690.


4. Thrul, J., Klein, A.B., Ramo, D.E. (2015) Smoking cessation intervention on Facebook: Which content generates the best engagement? J Med Internet Res, 17 (11), e244. DOI:10.2196/jmir.4575. PubMed PMID: 26561529; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4704894.


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6.  Babson, K.A., Ramo, D.E., Baldini, L.L., Vandrey, R., & Bonn-Miller, M.O. (2015). Mobile app delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia: A development and feasibility study among veterans with cannabis use disorders. Journal of Medical Internet Research: Research Protocols, 4(3):e87. DOI: 10.2196/resprot.3852


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